Russian as a second language

Starting to learn any foreign language we always ask ourselves what the best way is to learn it, what the best system is and what to do not to forget it in future. The situation is even more difficult with Russian language, than with English, for instance, as there are cases, gender, and number of nouns and adjectives in Russian language. Thus, it is necessary to remember not only grammar rules in Russian language, but different endings as well, depending on who is talking and about whom.


That’s why we decided to provide you with some practical advice in this article, how to learn Russian language and use it in your daily life.


1. Memorize basic rules, just what you need. Don’t learn everything and at once, but first, try to collect your own stuff, your own words and phrases that you need just now and may need tomorrow. After practicing and remembering it, you can move on to more complex rules.


2.  Learn expressions, not just separate words. When you memorize “моЙ портфель” you will never say “моЯ портфель”. In Russian language it is very important to use correct endings in order to be understood.



3. Learn everything correctly at the very beginning! It is the rule of thumb that will help you avoid unpleasant results and you won’t have to relearn what you’ve remembered wrong. So, if you are not sure in the correct variant, don’t study it until you ask a specialist.


4. Practice with what you’ve studied. Create your own sentences, speak to somebody, describe everything you see, and everything you do. You should use learned material as much as you can not to forget it.


5. Also, it is very important to watch videos in Russian language as it is essential to dive not only in new words, grammar, but into Russian culture as well. It will help you understand Russian soul and its language.


Russian language is very beautiful and very rich, so if you decided to touch its beauty, you will definitely get pleasure of this process and enjoy every moment of studying.

I wish you good luck and let’s speak Russian!


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