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English vocabulary - travelling

If you are going to travel and you don’t want to study the whole English and just need to know necessary phrases for any case, you’re welcome to use these phrases. It is a list of helpful phrases you can use if you need to ask someone about something, and, also, some phrases and questions you can be asked.

In a travel agency

At the airport

How to get to…

At the hotel

At a restaurant

→ How can I help you?

→ I’d like to book a flight / a hotel room

→ Can you help me with …?

→ When are you planning to come?

→ For how many nights?

→ I need a single room for one person / double room for two.

→ We’re going to stay one week.

→ Would you like a window or an aisle seat?

→ Is there a direct flight?

→ Can I pay by credit card?

→ When will I be able to collect my ticket?


→ Where can I find a porter / a trolley / WC?

→ Here is my passport and ticket.

→ What is the purpose of your visit? – Business / travel / visiting my relatives

→ How long will you be staying in …?

→ Will you be travelling alone?

→ Where will you be staying?  - at a hotel / at my friend / I rent a flat

→ How much cash are you carrying with you?

→ Do you have anything to declare?

→ You have excess luggage.

→ How much should I pay for the excess?

→ My luggage is missing.

→ The flight is late / delayed.

→ The flight is cancelled.

→ I missed my flight.

→ Where can I get my luggage?


→ Where can I take a taxi?

→ How can I get to the city center / Plaza hotel / 5th Avenue / train station / airport?

→ Where is the bus stop?

→ Where can I buy a ticket?

→ What bus goes to …?

→ Where should I get out?

→ When the train leaves?

→ Where is the nearest station?

→ I’d like to know the timetable.

→ Where should I change the bus?

→ One ticket to Italy. Single or return? / A one-way ticket or a round-trip ticket?


→ I have a reservation for double room. Here is my passport.

→ I’d like to check in / check out.

→ What time is breakfast?

→ Is there a restaurant around here?

→ Here is your key.

→ I’d like to change my room.

→ Is it air conditioner in my room?

→ Please, tell me the Internet password.

→ Could you wake me at 6 a.m.?

→ Where can I get new towel?

→ I can’t open a window. It’s seems blocked.


→ I’d like a table by the window.

→ A table for two, please.

→ Do you have a table for five?

→ I’ve booked a table for Jane Sane.

→ Please, bring me the menu / the wine list.

→ What would you like to drink?

→ Are you ready to order? / What will you have?

→ I’ll have / I’d like to start from …

→ Can I have … for my appetizer?

→ For my main dish I’ll get …

→ What would you recommend?

→ I’ll be right back with your drinks.

→ I’m on a diet.

→ I’m  allergic to …

→ I’m a vegetarian. I don’t eat …

→ How long will it take?

→ Could we have a glass of water / a bottle of wine / bread.

→ Could I see the dessert menu?

→ This isn’t what I ordered.

→ May we have a bill, please?

→ Do you take credit cards?

→ We’d like to split the bill.




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